The Mission:

To provide management consulting to non-profit enterprise
leaders for growing long-term sustainability.

Les Stocker founded Caddis Consulting in 2014 following his 35-year career in the leadership of Braille Institute of America (www.brailleinstitute.org).  While that organization grew enormously over those years, Les began to see that rapid expansion could become a “flash in the pan” without mechanisms for long term sustainability in place.  This is especially true in downturns of the economy.

Les was also active in the National Council of Private Agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired – known today as VisionServe Alliance – comprised of CEO’s from some 100 related organizations across America.  He was often called on to serve as a management consultant for member groups and facilitated Board strategic planning retreats.

Les saw that many organizations are functioning with a fairly short term horizon. They are struggling to meet current year budgets.  Virtually every group yearns for long term sustainability.

What are the key elements for long term sustainability?  Les studied the subject at length. He built them into Braille Institute’s structure.  On retiring from Braille Institute Les decided to focus his energy on helping other non-profit enterprises to attain that long term sustainability.

Les has put together a network of seasoned veteran consultants who specialize in strategic planning, succession planning, executive coaching, marketing, communications and fund raising, who can be called in when needed to create a consulting team with greater depth and combined insight.

Why Caddis? Les is also an avid sport fisherman – salt water and trout fishing in the high country.  The humble caddis fly is among the most popular trout flies in the Western United States.  A simple insect that has adapted and in a word “reinvented itself” through eons of climatic changes, to not only survive, but to thrive.  That is what long term sustainability is all about, and while the illustration is something that perhaps only fly fishermen can fully appreciate, it gave rise to the name of this consulting group.

Stop struggling. If you manage a non-profit organization and want more long-term sustainability contact Caddis now!